BHHC Presents: The Biggest Thing Ever

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What makes a great bounty hunter? Killing giant monsters that's what!

The Black Hole Hunters Club explode off of the page to bring you stories of their biggest kills ever! From crushing Giant Spiders inside a volcano to blowing up sentient planets the BHHC have done it all.

With each story featuring a different guest artist The Black Hole Hunters Club: The Biggest Thing Ever is a book just crackling with kinetic energy!

Written by Ricky Lima
Cover by Shane Heron
Cover Coloured by Paris Alleyne

Stories Illustrated by:

Jiří Kristián Macháň (Hector)
Oliver Castaneda, with colours by David Bishop (Princess Zamra)
Te'Shawn Dwyer (Weef Mansoon)
Inaki Azpiazu (Lilliam)
Colton Gilson (Cravit & Davit)
Tine DeRuiter (Lars)
Briana Chan (Trevor)
Shane Heron, with colours by Jamal Campbell Pryce (Bar Fight)