Relatable Young Adult Mystery Comic

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New Kid is new to the local high school. She is having a tough time making friends until one fateful afternoon Cool Terry recruits her to join the Mystery Gang. A group of relatable young adults who each have their own highly relatable traits. The Mystery Gang is made up of Cool Terry, Tech Wizard, Spooky Beth, and Love Triangle Girl. They need New Kid’s help to solve a mysterious shooting at the local laser tag hall. Who replaced the laser guns with real guns? Is it possible that New Kid is cooler than Cool Terry? How can Love Triangle Girl deal with her passion for two different people?! All these mysteries rolled into one insane story that will not end how you expect it to.

Written in parts like a game of broken telephone where Fred and Ricky try to up the insanity at every turn, Relatable Young Adult Mystery Comic is a completely bonkers parody of poorly written and cliche Young Adult stories. Chock full of action, mystery, romance, and dogs made of dynamite RYAMC (as the kids call it) will have you laughing, crying, and saying wtf?! at every page.

Written by Fred Kennedy and Ricky Lima

Art by Noel Tuazon

Cover by Leslie Doyle

Logo by Kris Johnson