The Millennium Dud

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The struggle was real in 2020 and the creation of the Millennium Bomb saw many, many drafts and revisions. A whole world was developed that followed scientists trying to create humans, Sons trying to create Robots, Robots taking over the World, and disgruntled Baby Boomers yelling at the world. Ultimately though the entire thing was scrapped and redone. However, that work was still fun and deserved to be seen by the public. 

The Millennium Dud is my way of recontextualizing failure. I had originally thought the first draft of the Millennium Bomb was a complete failure but by releasing it with commentary and a fresh view we can see that nothing is ever a failure, just a learning experience. This book explores the creative process and aims to show readers that things aren't so straightforward when you're making a book. It is raw, mostly unedited, and completely whacky. The true creative process. 

5" x 7", 296 pages, black and white.